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IN HOME // £350

Your family, your way. This is a bespoke session an my most popular session. Whatever you call home, a flat, suburban semi or sprawling estate...  there is no place in the world like home, that means more to you and your children, it’s where they are happiest, relaxed and slightly bonkers. Why shoot anywhere else?

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NEWBORN // £250

Newborn in home shoots are an hour or so, maybe longer. You can’t rush a newborn or their parents, this is a special time. let’s go slow. All inclusive. Always.


LABOUR + BIRTH // £1000

Birth Photography // Support + Documentation

I am here for your journey, we start with a maternity session, I am then on call for you two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. In addition to capturing your birth story, as a trained doula, I offer skilled support during labour and birth and as a breastfeeding counsellor, if required, help getting breastfeeding started. All inclusive. Always.