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skilled labour + birth support.

I am currently only offering doula support through NCT, please click the link below for more information.

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When it comes to feeding - however you decide to feed your baby - it can be emotionally challenging. It can take time to feel confident about feeding your baby. I can offer the additional support you may feel you need.  All in your own home at a time that suits you.  This service offers an hour and a half of dedicated support.  So I have time to observe a feed (if the time is right for your baby), to support you and answer all your questions.

Breastfeeding counsellors do not offer medical diagnosis of issues or medical intervention for example frenulectomy (tongue tie snip).

As a qualified breastfeeding counsellor (to degree level) I offer evidence-based support on all forms of feeding; breastfeeding, expressing, mixed feeding, stopping breastfeeding, formula feeding or signpost you to local support for introducing solid foods.

£60 // in home visit

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The first forty days is a short season in which you recover from birth and your baby slowly transitions from womb to world. It’s a time of amazing intensity and adjustment not just for baby but for you too. This package is designed to offer five visits of postnatal support designed to support or mother the mother. To offer regular feeding support, help you with getting up and support you in staying in bed. This is the perfect way to gift a new mother, to allow her the space with support to rest these first few weeks and get to know baby.

£30 per in home visit - bookable as multiples of five sessions.

Only available to families within 30 mins from CR5 - please email before booking to check that I can cover your due date.

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